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Kinetics - of - Catalytic - Reactions - Albert - Vannice

Occupancy of Special-Positions of Symmetry in Crystals. Helicity as a Stereogenic Element. Van't Hoff's problem with some 'Asymmetric' C-atoms. The stereochemical outcome of these chemical reactions was linked to the apostila cinetica quimica trick known as 'la coupe du roi'.

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Cutting steps in the Coupe du Roi bisection of an apple. The bisection product is a D2 -symmetry chiral ensemble. An upper vertical-cut terminus was linked to a lower vertical-cut terminus via horizontal slicing in a counterclockwise direction. Apostila cinetica quimica ensemble consists of two C2 -axis related homochiral halves nestled together which may be readily separated.


This operation may be utilized to polysection objects having C2v or D2h symmetry. An apostila cinetica quimica of a Coupe du Roi trisection. Achiral objects are desymmetrized by la apostila cinetica quimica du roi into Cn or Dn symmetry chiral ensembles of n segments, where each segment is homotopically related to the others via a mutual Cn -axis [an operation of the 1st kind].

When translated one-unit either upwards apostila cinetica quimica downwards, the 2 Coupe du Roi halves mutually complete one full turn of a single right-handed P 41 apostila cinetica quimica or left-handed M 43 -helix. An in-depth view of screw displacement: Let's 'imagine' a stack of apples to be an infinite cylinder.

There are only 2 possible results of this ligation.

Kinetics - of - Catalytic - Reactions - Albert - Vannice - Livro de Cinética Química

Ligation of subunits in adjacent layers i. Analogous to the apple, we can readily imagine the bisection of a cube into a chiral D2 -symmetry ensemble of 2 C2 -symmetry homochiral halves.

A case of chiral discrimination: Mislow, Anet, and co-workers reported the 'inverse coupe du roi' apostila cinetica quimica is based upon chiral discrimination. An intricate bisection into 2 C3 -symmetry heterochiral halves.

Screw displacement via helical axes has been linked with chiral molecular structure from stereochemistry's beginning. This "nuts" and "bolts" type of chiral recognition is not the only one found apostila cinetica quimica helices.

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Are there molecular examples of intermeshed helices? A gene regulating protein was designed by Nature to compliment the helical sense of DNA. A strand apostila cinetica quimica antiparallel homochiral intertwined "DNA-type' double helices. The repeat units for helical multiplexes of anti-parallel chains involve segments containing at least one complete turn of the polymer helix.

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Crystalline fibers of polyriboadenylic acid [acid-form] consist of a 42 -duplex of two parallel chains whose 81 -helical axes are coincidental with a C2 -axis.

The strands in Curdlan are held apostila cinetica quimica by hydrogen-bonds which make an interesting pattern. Two Cu I cations placed in the 'A-bar' homotopic regions of the D2d ensemble will afford a 21 -duplex having 2 right-handed P -helical apostila cinetica quimica strands related by a C2 -axis.

On the other hand, 2 Cu I cations placed in the 'A' homotopic-regions apostila cinetica quimica the D2d ensemble afford the enantiomeric 21 -duplex having 2 left-handed M -helical homomeric strands related by a C2 -axis.

Only 8 operations exist.