The constitution of India was originally written in English language, when it was adopted on 26 th November, However in under the chairmanship. THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA PART XIII · TRADE,COMMERCE AND INTERCOURSE WITHIN THE TERRITORY OF INDIA · Art. · PART XIV. Lead the Competition provides information on parts of Indian Constitution for competitive examinations.


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The Constitution, the supreme law of the Federal Democratic Republic of India, proclaimed the independence of India after 90 years of British colonial rule.

Adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26,it is fully applicable since January 26, The Constitution of India is the longest written constitution of any indian constitution in english country in the world which consists of a preamble, 22 parts containing articles, indian constitution in english schedules and 94 amendments up to date.

Analogous to the president and prime minister, each has a governor or in union territories a lieutenant indian constitution in english and a chief minister.

Article permits the president to dismiss a state government and assume direct authority if a situation arises in which state government cannot be conducted in accordance with constitution. This power, known as president's rulewas abused as state governments came to be dismissed on flimsy grounds for political reasons.

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Indian constitution in english of India decision, [46] [47] such a course of action is more difficult since the indian constitution in english have asserted their right of review. Constitution and legislature See also: List of amendments of the Constitution of India Amendments Amendments are additions, variations or repeal of any part of the constitution by Parliament.

An amendment bill must be passed by each house of Parliament by a with a two-thirds majority of its total membership when at least two-thirds are present and vote. Certain amendments pertaining to the constitution's federal nature must also be ratified by a majority of state legislatures.

India: Constitution of India (as amended up to December 1, )

Unlike ordinary bills in accordance with Article except for money billsthere is no provision for a joint session of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to pass a constitutional amendment.

During a parliamentary recess, the president cannot promulgate ordinances under his legislative powers under ArticleChapter III. indian constitution in english


Deemed amendments to the constitution which can be passed under the legislative powers of parliament were invalidated by Article 1 in the Twenty-fourth Amendment. India had to face many problems after independence.

Constitution of India - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Rehabilitating the refugees who migrated from Pakistanmerging the princely statesmaintenance of law and order were challenges.

Sardar Patel successfully achieved the merger of the princely states and provinces with the Union of India.

Even the challenge of framing a constitution in order to enable govern the country was also fulfilled. A Constitution is a set of rules and regulations guiding the administration of a country.

The recommendations of the Motilal Nehru Committee and the decisions taken by the meeting of National Congress at Karachi prepared for the formation of a Constituent Assembly.