Umera Ahmed (b. December 10, ) is a bestselling Pakistani author of over a dozen Urdu popular fiction novels, with __ million copies of her works in print. 'MUSHAF' is also a name of Holy Quran. This novel is one of the best novels of Urdu literature. This is story of "Muhmal Ibraheem" story of every young girl/boy. The name of the novel “MUSHAF” (Arabic name of the Holy Quran) gives us Nimra Ahmed nailed the conversation between the black girl and.


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Free Urdu Digests: Mushaf novel by Nimra Ahmed Online Reading.

Inshe went to England for her enrollment in a few creative writing and scriptwriting courses at Arvon Foundation's Totleigh Barton Centre. She then proceeded to write Man o Salwa, another one of her trademark literary work that further elevated her among her peers.

Her most recent novel, Aks, deals with the horror and stigma of sexual abuse against children and how the demons of past can haunt the most strongest of mushaf novel by umera ahmed, and how they can be dealt with. For her directorial debut inSakina Samoo asked Umera Ahmed to write the script for her first drama serial.


She then proceeded to adopt her novel, Darbar e Dil into a telefilm, and a play mushaf novel by umera ahmed the same name aired on PTV in the same year, for channel's drama festival.

Between, andUmera continued writing many original screenplays as well as adaptations of her novels into dramas and telefilms for TV.


Man o Salwa got Lux Style Awards' best serial award for She again received a best serial award for Malaal in and the best writer Pakistan Media Award for Malaal in She describes scriptwriting not as nearly enjoyable as writing novels.

Despite this, her novel-turned-drama serial Meri Zaat Zarra e Be Nishan proved to be the most popular drama serial of the year and earned her another best writer Lux Style Award in Her project, another novel-turned-drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai, topped the charts with each passing episode and the finale of mushaf novel by umera ahmed drama set new rating records when it earned a whopping 9.

Umera Ahmed enjoys a closely guarded private life and seldom gives interviews. Her only appearance onscreen was on the stage of Indus Vision awards to collect her first Best Writer Award in Despite being active on social media, and involved in showbiz, she leads a private life.

Umera Ahmed feels quite strongly about children literacy in Pakistan, and her concerns over the fact that younger children in Pakistan are rapidly losing interest in reading as a hobby, mushaf novel by umera ahmed has launched UA Books, a content development publishing house which works towards reviving the love of books among children once again.

Paramount Books Online Bookstore :

The publishing house also offers self-publishing and online bookstore facilities. Imaan, Umeed aur Mohabbat 3.


After this unusual event the life of Mehmal Ibraheem changes, she mushaf novel by umera ahmed to cover her head, reads Mushaf and tries to understand the meaning of the holy verses of the Holy Quran. Whatever she thinks, is answered in the Quran. Farishtay a hidden and masked character she met in madrassa is the cousin of Hamayun.

Mushaf novel by nimra ahmed free download

Mehmal thinks highly of Farishtay and everyone would have thought that. It was a beautiful, mature and sensible character but by the end of the novel I started hating that character. This actually showed that how Quran is a miracle. It is a reminder for the people of the present age and this novel changed the perspective of life in my mushaf novel by umera ahmed.

Another important lesson it gave was that we should trust Allah and no one else. Indeed guidance is for those who seek for it.

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Another important thing I realized was that people who are good from the very beginning they also get mislead by shaitan. Honestly the novel was quite conventional but still I ratted it 5 stars.