Every home is special, and every consumer has a unique way to use Wi-Fi enabled clients. AirTies Remote Manager is a cloud based monitoring and control system. Different housing elements create various barriers for Wi-Fi. However, it did feel slower as compared to the Linksys Velop. Air Mbps 3×3 AirTies Managed Mesh System establishes a wireless mesh network between AirTies Mesh Extenders that connect to each other without requiring any cabling between them.

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Increasing numbers of support calls are Wi-Fi related, and the usual support response is restart the home gateway. The setup process is fairly quick and takes a few minutes.

Manage Wi-Fi — interop with operator grade management servers. Unfortunately, they do not always make the right decisions. Client connectivity management is done locally and remotely using AirTies Remote Manager.

All it does is search for the devices but never finds them.

We specialize – and it shows

There’s really no alternative. The system gives detailed analytics and notifications of the current in-home Airtiss status for real time support of issues. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. Add more access points and extend the network the same way.

AirTies Managed Mesh Solution

It is a known fact that Wi-Fi signals weaken as they go through walls and ceilings. To achieve the best quality possible, we are setting up a growing number of test houses. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.


Service providers can monetize Wi-Fi as a service and create additional revenue streams. Datasheet for Air AP added to Wi-Fi network and coverage extended further. AirTies App Pro is an installer app that provide deeper technical information for analyzing home Wi-Fi.

Besides the Network Map displaying the mesh node configuration and the status, links in between and wireless clients connected to the network are also displayed. The power consumption of the device in idle mode is measured when all wired network ports are connected and all wireless network ports are activated.

Their Wi-Fi signal is sireless blocked by home walls. Most houses have common elements like walls, washrooms, tiles, pipes and more.

Client Connectivity Management Wireless clients select which frequency band or access point to connect to in order to access Internet. Wi-Fi interference can cause slower Wi-Fi speed or interrupted service.

DoC for Air It should be illegal for them to put out a nonfunctional app. Air Mbps 3×3 Many legacy wireless clients do not support the latest standards. First version of the application.

AirTies Wireless Networks – Air

This app has been designed to work with some operator products, but not all. By using AirTies automated test system we are able to create different test scenarios to validate our quality by simulating real life test cases. Based on our initial usage, the AirTies Air worked quite smoothly even if only over 2.


AirTies Interference Avoidance technology makes sure that your AirTies Managed Mesh System is using the least busy frequency channel all the time and optimizing wireless airtime, no matter if you live in an apartment building or a house. AirTies Managed Mesh System is running iwreless intelligent routing algorithm that can calculate the best path from your wireless client to any source with fast recovery to resolve real time network changes.

AirTies Wireless Networks – Technology

Again, do not buy. When next door is downloading a large file or watching video, it can reduce your Wi-Fi speed, and that happens even while using a different home gateway. It can stream multiple HD video channels, deal with both multicast and unicast modej and prioritize the TV service over general traffic. AirTies Remote Manager also helps manage the home network to lower the support calls and save money.