Anonymous January 16, at 2: The procedure is actually very simple if explained without step-by-step instructions detailed in other posts: I just see that you have added this model “Marvell Technology Group Ltd. I found couple of firmwares on other sites like this one http: Can you please add it for you next update Thanks Glenn. Could you confirm that the following is true:

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Unfortunaltely that didn’t help. The thing is that the manul says that it needs to use the chipset Marvell – “88SE”.

Still no luck on getting the disks detected. It’s a Class Gutharius February 20, at 7: Read below for Win amx and Win 8. Currently there is no consolidated list of supported adapters, but get the complete view by looking at all the Updates to this blog post.

Brilliant, that’s fixed my ESXi white box! So these lines are messed with a controler. I heard a lot of urban legends about the Windows Update service that messes up your machine. Your help is greatly appreciated.


From what I have heard passthrough is broken for some devices in ESXi 5. HI can you help me out guys.

Fixing the AMD AHCI drivers for SB7xx on Windows 7 | printf(” SaltwaterC “);

Really appreciated and still at the top of google results 2 years later! Anonymous November 22, at 8: OJ Yildirimer November 14, at 4: I found couple of firmwares on other sites like this contorller http: Hi Andreas, Can this driver work? Wonder what else is missing from the AsMedia products when upgrading from 5. Andreas Peetz December 29, at 9: Anonymous December 31, at Giovanni Lovato February 7, at 9: I can see the sata-sah file becomes loaded but no response from the tested harddisk connected to to 1 of the 6gb sata interface My marvell shows: Google revealed a bug report, which indicates the problem is not limited to ESXi or anyhow related to it.

Fixing the AMD AHCI drivers for SB7xx on Windows 7

Hi Andreas, Thank you for your help and suggestion. There is no need to eata its PCI ID through sata-xahci, because it is already included in the standard mappings of the sata-ahci driver.


Anonymous January 23, at 5: I had to restore last good known configuration to get the pc to boot again. Can you let me know when you have a new version of the package scheduled? I just wanted to sb70 a moment and thank you for the SB support and this wonderful walk-through.

Szabocls Illes March 11, at 6: Andreas Peetz February 27, at 8: Amv January 9, at 4: I have read your bug-info note, but I don’t understand if I’m affected by this bug since if I connect my card to a Mac running OS X Any thoughts on this one?