If you say that the Ever-content Has learnt to eat, then is it possible, O God, to serve aught else? CO CO cJ tsdoao. Yany tl did eft pra 1ord a oqelsors u b0e que dr enaranjada. Sc decide por Sombreritos coquetones y graciosos que dejan ]a frente descubierta. For hearts ready to receive it, he radiates the Divine Light. Los matMne u u tiene c rm. Hadapadapp anna i gain Prabhudevara stutisuva vac ana:

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Idkddildkangalige mmi bhaktiya kanderedu toride. The movement of Allayya, Parana of Guhesvara from time beyond time, Is a blessing to the world! Lava 9 fibres do cc- derirb al derecho So Grecla a plan- tramente minir gos y britnos y 1b4 1 tear la coeslion si Cabonl do ICan- n simrana cun Ia ides dE quo e 4, co i gas el D.

Polit da si his qule”teostica deonysn aqdosl t1. So eondo por lr 4o7,r ol u o m oo onodoo bul- I r: O God Kalideva, 1 say Hail, O hail!


Conoepot-Once2 3 tatoba oO ol Ltrsanes do. Mari Vlas yu etai. O Guhesvaia, all the twice-seven woilds Cry victory to the feet Of Basavanna! Who, in GuheSvaralihga, has found experience In discipline, in prasada peace.

In Tretayuga, when you came For worship, as Ganesvara Ghantakarna by name. I Isa u[ qu o c Lro u ionind pa iente.

Full text of “Sunya Sampadane Armando Menzes L. M. Sun Kapur M. S Part 5”

Pujar, Kannada Sam- shodhana Samsthe, Dharvvar. I voterano profesor monical. By Nijaguna Sivayogi, Pub. En lotga sCrai, meaogrados todas, crt– t bones pa- bolas.

That absolute and ultimate goal, He revels in tranquillity.

Volucdad Camn, rus mejores elelareo ate ao quedrha con alias. So, seeing 151 Eternal One, 1 have been saved And thus escaped the gates of birth.

Booboo y 2,10 2md, Apco. Kalidevanimma lingaikya Prabhudevara s rip adadalii bhrngandgipp enu. Introduction to the Sampadane 5 It would also be profitable to refer to his V. What matters what I do, unless My heart is pure? I shone, and yet the pot Remained unbroken, O Awem


Diario de la marina ( 03-23-1947 )

Before it could be seen, it was Consumed. In doing and in serving, get 1151s done By ordering so; But when the hand does mix the food, Does it stop the mouth, O Kudala Sahgama Lord? Ld ride erord Ade.

Kudo Iasangamade xdjangama munidare ndnentu badukuvenu? Looking at one, it is as if 1 saw, oh, sixty men: RE T1,11 T-o. UH-2flF7 coodi Ieoaos Otlofl lrarosreo. Hodgkeinlnl ecae Los oPclra enargao eet Europa. Siculondo ol coetodo doasrroliodo on el primer volumoen, tabilsdad en Greci lns Etados Uni- so copoe con pre.

LIs pdobr ,i T le ade, Cefr Asocaln: Kiidalacennasangamadexa, Basavannana pddakke namo namo erhbenu. Puarlo y s n priodo.