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Some apps will open it for you, with others you need to tap on a text box. That’s not as much as the iPad’s 25 watt-hours, but definitely quite a bit. Its wide-format 7-inch display is close in size to a netbook display, and much larger than any phone display. Most regular customers would instantly have returned the device for something as important as that, but since I don’t use the device for music I decided to put up with it and hope I’ll find a fix for it. Resolution in terms of pixel per inch, though, is roughly the same: It took me a bit to figure out that you have to drag down on the status bar like a blind to see what the notifications are, and to manage them. We don’t need to tell you that we ferociously ripped open the box to finally see how the Android 2.

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However, considering most Kmart’s have been selling out of these within hours of receiving new inventory, this just may be the answer all you cheap tablet seekers have been looking for — just be prepared to put up with more than a few annoyances along the way. Augen is absolutely to be congratulated to even embark on this project.

We’ll be spending a bit more time with the Gentouch 78 to make a final call on its functionality, but it’s crystal clear that this isn’t a high-end device. So, gentkuch78, the Gentouch does come preloaded with the Google Market, but just as we experienced with the smartbook, applications won’t install.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

After that, when it goes to sleep, pushing the power button wakes auten up again instantly. Before I go into details, let me give you the bottom line right here: Getouch78 is also, as you can see on the picture, significantly smaller than the iPad. It’s also, as we found out, quite scratch-prone. Also, you may notice in the pictures that there’s a slight gap between the glass of the screen and the actual display.

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The technology inside the Augen GenTouch78 While almost all netbooks and most of the smaller tablets and vertical gdntouch78 devices we review here at RuggedPCReview. The problem was always the underlying complexity of the Linux operating system, and the lack of a good user interface. Dataviz ‘s Documents To Go was installed, and it can read and write word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation files, and also display PDF files.

If you were hoping to find a beautiful iPad substitute for a fraction of the cost, keep on looking. Just like some of the early videos indicated, the tablet is made entirely of black plastic. Opening it up is simple: I also had to figure out that Android has both a home screen with icons on it and a launcher that opens like a drawer and contains all the rest of your app icons.

I had to download the Android SDK from developer. As stated above, the GenTouch is much smaller than the Apple iPad.

You get some very good stuff like the excellent 7-inch display, good performance, big battery, powerful software, etc. But that is what the Augen tablet has. There have been several attempts at making Linux popular in the handheld space, but never with much success.

Gentoucg78 Android Market app provides access to the all-important official Android market. There’s a Skype Beta app that lets you access your account, but since the GenTouch isn’t a phone, it’s mostly usable for chatting.


Hard Reset AUGEN Gentouch 78

Finally, you can drag the home screen left and right to get to two additional home screens, or extensions to the home screen. This means you tentouch78 an entirely different and more satisfying browser and augfn usage experience than will ever be possible on a phone. Unfortunately, as of this writing August 29,while you can see the market from a GenTouch, you can’t download. One of the first tablets to run the Android OS version 2.

It’s basic cardboard and thin clear plastic here.

Augen Gentouch 78 preview

As you see in the video, the application panel jiggers across the screen, scrolling is quite delayed and launching applications takes a augn few seconds. Below are screens showing local access and LAN access: Some apps will open it for you, with others you need to tap on a text box. Augen Gentouch 78 preview 35 Photos By those standards, the GenTouch is fast, competent, and gentoucb78 an infinitely better browsing, communication and multimedia experience on a bigger, better display for much less money than any of the old PDAs ever did.

Almost all apps have menus that you bring up by tapping the Menu button. What the Augen GenTouch78 is: The unit has