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For additional details, see About Multipathing Software. Determine the Internet Protocol IP address for each new interface. This capability is known as automatic failover and must be configured at the Solaris OS level. Once the adapter is added, modify the hardware configuration in Advanced Options to change line speed and flow control if desired. The Ethernet driver is installed automatically during the Solaris installation procedure.

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Do not begin the name with a number or a special character. Copy the file VOL. The system’s on-board interfaces can be configured for redundancy, or an additional network interface card can serve as a redundant network interface for one of the system’s on-board interfaces. This is a known issue with Broadcom NetXtreme 1-gigabit network adapters that use the b57nd60a. Consult your network documentation if you need more information about how to connect to your network.

See Initiating a Reconfiguration Boot. New Zealand – English.

CONFIG_TIGON3: Broadcom Tigon3 support

To Configure Additional Network Interfaces. The driver supports the following media types: An IP address must be assigned by the network administrator. Please contact your server OEM if you need a driver that is specific to your server.


In addition, this configuration provides outbound data load balancing for increased performance. Attach an Ethernet cable to the port you chose. The host name must be unique within the network. The user can manually override the autoselected mode by adding media options to rc. The Ethernet broadco, is installed automatically during the Solaris installation procedure. The Ethernet interfaces operate at 10 Mbps, Mbps, and Mbps. United Kingdom – English.

The network adapter seems to be working in the virtual machine.

Did this solve your problem? For information about setting up a network name service, consult:.

Silicom Ltd. | EOL – PEG2BP

You may be using driver version They include,, broadco, and If you have problems establishing a connection between this system and your hub, verify that the Ethernet hub also has the link test brladcom enabled. You must configure any additional interfaces separately, after the OS is installed. At least one of these files, broarcom primary network interface, should exist already, having been created automatically during the Solaris installation process.

It is best to allow for autonegotiation between the card and switch, by not setting this keyword or the Speed keyword. This media image file can be copied to the target machine directly for installation, or a floppy installation disk can be made.


For information about operating characteristics and configuration parameters for these drivers, refer to the following document:.

This capability is known as automatic failover and must be configured at the Solaris OS level. An entry consists of the IP address and the host name for each interface. If you wish to suppress the reboot, please use the command: When this keyword is used, the switch to which the adapter cable is connected must also be forced to the same speed. Additional Ethernet interfaces or connections to other network types are available by installing the appropriate PCI interface cards. For more information, see the ifconfig 574 man page.

Using jumbo frames can greatly improve performance for certain tasks, such as file transfers and data streaming.