You can find reconditioned toner on Ebay for 20 bucks half the price. While Postscript may not be as necessary as it once was, one thing I’m not willing to compromise on it networking ability; the wireless networking of the Brother is a nice bonus, but the ethernet port is what I’m after. Its the feature set beyond that which is troublesome when model specific drivers no longer work in an updated OS. You can choose whether the printer reports problem by printing error page or not. Enter the password into this box. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor.

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Soprano Ars Praetorian Registered: If you check the Binding Offset option, you can also specify the offset for binding in inches or millimeters. When the image is very complicated and the printer has to wait to process the image before printing, use this function.

Never jams and only extremely rarely needs toner only once in the three years we’ve had it. Hl-20400, fast and reliable. This will save time and increase printing speed for often used information such as forms, company logos, letterhead formats or invoices. I had a Brother laser printer that got damaged when I moved apartments.

Click here to change the password. The screens on your PC will vary depending on your Operating System.


This is great advice. You can jump to the page for each Printer Function by clicking the function name in the list below. Originally posted by brothef.

This option allows data to be inserted into a print job. I’d appreciate any opinions from designers who have non-Postscript printers in their mix and if they’ve found that limiting in any way.

Brother HL-2040 Printer PCL Driver

Tue Jan 26, 7: But thanks for the heads up. The default time-out is 5 minutes.

About the errors, Error message printout. If you want to uninstall the printer driver, Uninstalling the printer driver. Aug 22, Posts: Like oja, I have a Brother HL for five years and it’s been flawless. I’m unsure how that applies to the wireless ink-jets out there if you wanted to print wirelessly. I’m in the market for a home office laser printer, something to take pressure off my inkjet. This compares to many HP laserjets headaches galore and Epson inkjets Stop wasting my ink by cleaning those heads every time and still clogging up halfway the print!

FAQs & Troubleshooting | HL | Others | Brother

Its the feature set beyond that which is troublesome when model specific drivers no longer work in an updated OS. You can change settings by selecting the setting in the Printer Settings list: It turned out to be the drum, and the replacement was so expensive that it was better to toss the printer and buy a new brofher.


Broher recommend that you keep Sleep mode on for power saving. Receiving a print file or document automatically wakes up the printer to start printing.

Brother HL Printer PCL Driver v Mac OS 9.x | Opendrivers

You can save a page of a document as a macro to the printer memory. It seems to me that you can get generic support with almost any printer.

You can download the latest printer driver or get other information by accessing the Brother Solutions Center at http: The Printer Function list may differ depending on the model. We haven’t had a laser printer discussion in a little while at least so far as my search-fu could determine so I thought I’d throw this question out to the hivemind: When you use a bitmap file as a watermark, you can change the size of the watermark and put it anywhere you like on the page.

Sleep mode can be turned off.