Besides, the link http: How can I make a donation? I did custom instead of express. Still without my headset seted up at my HO laptop. Let me know if you find a fix.

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It will Install successfully!

The fix for Vista Bluetooth A2DP and WMDC Bluetooth Sync

To switch from version 3. Tried a driver from Broadcom and these, still no luck.

I am assuming you are running the 5. Windows won’t find any Bluetooth devices after driver update: My computer is windows vista. Thanks a bunch it worked with my BH Nokia with Windows 7 and most of its applications!! Also, I thought A2DP has to be hardware and software enabled.

After download and CAB extraction, try to pair your headset. These are the latest drivers I could find. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Windows 7 Professional x Before I came across your page, I was trying to pair my hs and pc for hours! The drivers included here si,icon nicely for any generic BT hardware.


Windows 7 bluetooth stereo audio A2DP only works when freshly paired – Super User

Now with older bthav. Would have thought, after all these years, Windows would have better built-in support for Bluetooth…. Next time buy the more expensive BT dongle, the higher price generally includes working drivers. Great, this helped me to fix the errors with my CSR generic bluetooth dongle!

They are courtesy of CSR, but they don’t support them. Definitely solved my BT audio problem. This is all to confusing, I downloaded that file, then I guess I extracted it or something. Here are a few suggestions on how to properly ask this type of question.

Thanx to the uploader…these drivers works just fine. But I also only have cambrudge sound with the Dell BH, but its ok. Let me know if you find a fix. Users say on non-CSR radios, v3. It can see the server and reports back it COM nr, but when opening we’re back at the same problem as in summer – timeout even after Unfortunately, these drivers do not load for generic BT devices. I emulated through VMWare a Ubuntu installation and it worked perfectly No amount of COM port shennagins can fix this.


If you choose headset, you only get the crappy mono stuff.

Add your mouse; very straightforward. Alienware 18 and M18x. Thanks, for sharing a working solution! Firstly, I did try uninstalling and reinstalling.