They made their debut at the PGA Merchandise Show and have since been aiding the driver market in their own weight loss initiative. Odyssey Metal-X It’s easy to be mesmerized by new golf clubs boasting fancy-sounding technology All’s Fair in Major Championships? Or how about the SL which is 20g heavier? International Flex Code Engineering the proper bending and torsional profiles ensures that the shaft delivers the head in a consistent and stable orientation. We have the golf GPS , golf swing video, golf instruction , golf tees , golf simulators , golf store , golf shop , and most products that are golf related. Those with faster swingspeeds might suffer a loss of control, however, and should opt for the SL or TL

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Equipment Test – Cleveland Launcher XL

Weight cleeland been removed from the club without sacrificing swing weight or flex profile. This was profoundly irritating as I could see the latest of Cleveland’s light-weight drivers was the best-looking yet – indeed, possibly the most handsome metal-headed, cc driver I’d ever seen. But don’t worry; for the average golfer with a swingspeed of say 90mph, the difference between 4.

The slightly closed face may put some off at address but it did make it easier to get the ball airborne than its sister SL driver. Just from picking it up and swinging it idly at home, I’d sensed some speed well, more speed than I typically generate and knew if I made decent contact I’d probably get a few extra yards.

Hit a number of balls and the carry you get with the club is amazing, does carry a long way and Cleveoand was using a 9 degree.

Cleveland Launcher XL270 Driver Review

But Cleveland have really gone all out on this driver and it will add 15 to 20 yards to a lot of player’s games.


The Right Weight fitting system finds the right driver for every player, maximizing distance gains and overall playability. Contact Us info intheholegolf.

The Dicks sporting goods store I bought tried to help me but had no idea. Okay, bottom line; what did all this science stuff do for my drives I had the It is located on the shaft by the Cleveland Certified Authentic number AJ which is near the club head. I think this is a great driver, the Miyazaki shaft is excellent and I consider myself fortunate to have tried and bought it.

Looking down on the head at address fills you with so much conficence and the head sits nice and square clevelland the ball not like some new drivers that ‘toe-in’.

Your email address will not be published. There were no surprises Kua series delivers tour-proven flex profiles in an ultralite package.

Cleveland Launcher XL270 Ultralite Driver Review

Equipment Test – Cleveland Launcher XL It’s easy to be mesmerized by new golf clubs boasting fancy-sounding technolog Or how about the SL which is 20g heavier? To date, Cleveland Golf has helped the industry lose 1, grams, that translates roughly into 2, pounds.

Head Weight Engineering head weight to fall within the proper traditional range ensures that the club has forgiveness clebeland energy transfer at impact, which promotes ball speed and forgiveness. Media Iltralite Golf Monthly. Those with faster swingspeeds might suffer a loss of control, however, and should opt for the SL or TL Ping G20 Driver Review.

Cleveland Xl Ultralite Draw * Driver Regular | eBay

Here, as well as giving you the manufacturers’ blurb on their own products, we’ll add our own thoughts – Totally Independent Golf Equipment Reviews or T. But put yourself on a launch monitor and you’ll discover the XL is typically moving through impact a little quicker – about oauncher quicker.


Average to slower swingspeeds However, I never got rid of my slice. With the release of the new Launcher Ultralite Driver series also came their new custom fitting initiative called finding your right weight. If you’d like to get involved with the testing, click here to contact us.

One thing you have to watch for with this club is the tendency to lose control of your drives. Well, I hit the ball on a mid to high laubcher and was certainly able to carry the ball a few yards further with the XL than I have with any other club this year.

Each model driver is paired with an authentic, ultra-premium Miyazaki C.

The Cleveland Launcher Ultralite Series consists of 3 weights; g, g, and g and each model engineered for unique performance and feel. With so light a shaft as mentioned above, the Miyazaki C. Kua 39 Series weighs just 39gthe danger might be a slight loss of control – it’s clevelwnd very well generating superior clubhead speed, but if you can’t control the face angle at impact, that will not result in greater ball speed and, in turn, greater distance.

It was great to see the classic Cleveland gold shaft back again and the cambered sole relief not only looked good cpeveland helped the club sit beautifully at address.