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Newest Member fflmaster Joined 4 hours ago. May 4, Last active: Can’t wait to golf in Hawaii come March!!! Big drives start with a big driver. I finally decided while distance was spectacular with the L4V, my ball flight was too high and here in the windy Midwest that is an issue. Too high for this guy.

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Cobra L4V F Drivers

Once a club ho, always a club ho. It features a high-launch, mid-spin, draw-biased ball flight, optimizing distance for players who have a tendency to slice or fade.

Re-shafting is an expensive proposition unless you have a really good idea of what works for you and the club you’re installing it in. Good drives can set the tone for a round and nothing beats standing in the middle of the fairway while your playing partners poke around for their ball in hazards n in the woods.

Today’s Golfer

My only issues with the L4V and L5V was the wicked high launch angle that they produced. Three versions are available cobrra all swing speeds.


Great distance off the tee. How does the driver perform?

Reviews: Cobra-L4V-M-Driver-Golf-Club | eBay

This club just doesn’t hit as far as my old F Speed LD. Splunge26 0 Member Joined: I’m not ready to give up the L5V, but just wanted to experiment. April 20 Last active: For the first time in my golf career I was hitting the ball straight off the tee March 2, Last active: By taking the dimension variable up to the limit, the weight is pushed low and back, resulting in higher launch and longer drives.

Another great thing about the L4V is it includes the best driver head cover I’ve ever come across. A lot of drivers have come onto the market since Cobra released the L4V in Speed-tuned for moderate ball speeds, the L4V M Driver was engineered to get the most out of every swing.

Or does it also have enough workability for more accomplished players I’m not one of them? November 5, Last active: Distance has increased over 40 yards, but even better is the flight of the ball, straight or a bit of a fade.

ReviewMar 25 Posted June 16, If I need a draw for a dogleg left fairway, I can do it. Great carry and low backspin provides roll too. Sounds a little strange when striking ball.


Cobra L4V Driver Review – Unofficial Forum Member Product Reviews – MyGolfSpy Forum

I apparently need a stiffer shaft like m y old LD and less loft. Sign in Already have an account? Out of curiosity, did you play the M-Speed or F-Speed model?

I’ve forgotten my password. Good club to have in da bag This little fella is my utility driver. March 25, Last active: I liked that when my swing changed allbeit subtley, I could open or close the face with a few turns of the tool provided.

If I could only get the flight down. Thanks to the kind gentleman covra WG who was so helpful. I bought it used on Sunday