Some of the secret communication inside the cult was discovered when the greek police raided their offices. So let’s nutshell this: As many of you may have noticed, I’ve not been keeping up with my blogging. The veil issue is part of a wider debate about multiculturalism in Europe, as many politicians argue that integration of minorities was neglected in the past. Included are the “correct” answers. We’ve got a lot of fun work planned for you, and we hope you enjoy your experience as a whole. Xenu from Wikipedia In Scientology doctrine, Xenu also Xemu is a galactic ruler who, 75 million years ago, brought billions of people to Earth, stacked them around volcanoes and blew them up with hydrogen bombs.

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Confusion seems to be a steady element in the human condition.

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Barcelona has become the first large Spanish city to announce a ban on the wearing of full Islamic face-veils in some public spaces. What was that thing, you know, about bearing false witness?

This may be accomplished by feeding him daily over a period of 40 weeks, and without extricating him from his dung hill with the arcanum of human blood. Cross posted the Atheist Oasis. Or perhaps they simply imagine that they’re striking a blow for truth and dynet Anyone have anything more recent?


Newer Posts Older Posts Home. There was one terrific cry which had hardly ended when the disbelievers of Salih’s people were struck dead, one and all, at the same time. Religious Satire Yo, God! Third is the Ultra-Paradoxical xnke, in which conditioned responses and behavior patterns turn from positive to negative or from negative to positive.

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View my complete profile. Who is David Miscavige? Even more intriguing is that, unlike the more Westernized Catholicism, possession is not feared – indeed, it’s accepted with open arms.

Many think they are not gullible at all ordinarily, so how come they fell prey to this cult? They are intended to supplement your learning and provide a means for you to review the material that we cover during class time.

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The Cheryl S Story This is a true story from inside the cult from to Operation Clambake is registered as a non-profit organisation in Norway, state reg.

This FAQ is to help you understand it better.

Unless some sort of ‘miracle’ occurs, I stand convinced:. I think this is the cruelest system ever – not enough that we’re slated to expire etnet some juncture, but that this cloak of flesh is heir to a million diseases, and as many weaknesses.

Seems she’d gotten up around 4: Small wonder it never gets used in the laboratory. So he took a vow from them on this, then prayed to God to grant their request. If God sends you what you have requested, just as you have described, will you believe in that which I have come to you with and have faith in the message I have been sent with? You might be thinking “Why does a church need to have such strict policies if it’s not a military organization?


Then they found a tumor behind her ear, and then a spot on her lungs.

Evildoers plot against and kill said camel, plot against the magician, and get smote dead. So there is no afterlife – no choir of trumpets to greet us, no tearful reunions, no kaleidoscopic flights to gates of any sort.

You’ll get a new one every weeks, depending on the phase of our course. Saduq bint of Mahya, who was from a rich and noble family, offered herself to a young man named Masrai Ibn Mahraj on condition that he dthet the camel. This doesn’t even qualify as a decent Archie comiclet alone a ‘miracle’. The other problem encountered, is: Note that the gestation time of a camel is one year.

Leaving Scientology Resource Guide Leaving Scientology may be the most important decision of your life.