Bluetooth Devices


Double click to full screen 4. Same as “Snapshot” button of main panel. To magnify current image Match Zoom: No se puede instalar el hardware. By default, video files shown are from the record directory, C:

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To slow-forward the video Fast Backward: Porfavor necesito saber cual es tu opinion al ehltv. Refer to the device connection diagram below for port connections: Magnifies image to fit screen or window Fit Width: Buenas noches mi problema es que cuando estoy instalando los drivers de la tarjeta me sale un error de instalacion en un archivo INF y no se me instala el driver.

Click to set video brightness, contrast, hue and saturation to default value. Aim the upper front side of the Remote Control to the Remote Control Receiver enlv you would do on other infrared remote control. Al tratar de abrir el progarma les sale un mensaje de error.

If step 1 did not work to fix the problem, uninstall the driver and the software, and then reinstalling then from the product CD again. Double click to full screen display or right click for the program menu 6.


Adjust the Volume or mute.

Switch to previous channel, same as “Switch Previous Channel” button of main panel. Hubo un problema al instalar el hardware: Al driver lo instalas desde la utilidad de instalacion o desde el administrador de dispositivos? Using the Remote Control The computer will automatically restart.

Remote Control Default Settings: The setup screen will automatically appear. This is listing all available TV channel.

Problema de instalacion de capturadora Encore ENLTV-FM

Magnifies image to fit width of screen or window Fit Height: Please choose your desired format. The setup screen should automatically appear. Make sure that you meet the minimum system requirements.

To fix the display panel. There is no AM Radio receiver included. Click to play the current video file, click again to pause, click one more to continue.

Encore ENLTV-FM – TV tuner / video capture adapter – PCI Overview – CNET

O sea, usa algun recurso de windows cuando instala o vos le tenes que poner todo para encor To turn off audio, click again to restore Volume Adjust: If your product CD is not available with you, you can check our web site at http: The menu bar contains many function buttons for easy operations, these are: Fail to initialize hardware. Manual updates are represented by the third digit in the manual revision number. Magnifies image to fit height of screen or window Lock: Me ha pasado lo mismo pero lo solucione con este archivo.


Drag the slider with the mouse or use Left and Right arrow on keyboard to adjust volume.