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The problem is almost the same – when I run something, that changes samplerate – audio goes mad – internal clock shows If you ask for help, from ESI Again, i have followed the steps above and the problem still exits Today I try to install Windows 7 32 bit on a new hard disk of the same machine. I tried re-installing Windows 7 with a clean install, made sure I had the latest drivers. I asked them to use teamviewer in order to check and maybe solve my problem and they said that “we only support by e-mail”. I don’t want to use ASIO.

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I tried re-installing Windows 7 with a clean install, made sure I had the latest drivers. We exchange almost 10 e-mails but that’s all. Krueger on USB and Firewire audio interfacea seems to be quite sensitive for realtime changes when it comes samplerate and buffer size in question.

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You have some other compatibility problem. If someone want to buy this card from ESI, he must think it twice.

For playback, bigger samplebuffer is better choice and as it just increases delay time for play to start after play button press, it shouldn’t be harmful Usually companies release new products for newest OS and is not profitable for them to work for their old products. Of course I have informed them, that I am a regular proffessional customer of them and until now, I have suggest to many persons to support them, with the buy of their products.


Please let me know.

Posted Thu 20 May 10 6: Posted Thu 20 May 10 So pitty, I gave them my money in the past. I try that but there is something we didn’t consider. Still the problem persisted.

ESI – Download: MAYA44 MKII

So, I ask for a technical support from ESI. If wni7 still get issues with those bigger buffer values then, start by checking your system – http: I instal windows 7 64 bit and I have a problem with the ESI maya I can’t test that.

They only help me with e-mails but I am not satisfied. Juha on Our base is in Athens and companies who provide us with software from Istanbul, Madrid, Wsi and Tokyo support us using teamviewer.

This happens when you have a soundblaster. I sent them an e-mail at 13 of August, now is 24th of August and still eso answer. Posted Mon 07 Jun 10 2: I must say a big “thanks” to you for the idea. If jaya finds a solution to this problem. Posted Thu 03 Jun 10 Their answer remained the same. When this proccess finished and I ‘ve got the same level of experience index I am not satisfied because they can’t consider that I am a proffessional and I need assistant.


mwya Sorry ’bout mixing the type of your audio interface. So I ordered a new one. The most strange thing on ESI is the after sales support. Maya 44, has only digital output. I have never once come across a problem whilst using the esi maya that has been related to the esi maya only problems with virtual dj Posted Thu 20 May 10 5: