Got it, continue to print. Don’t have an account? Select Portrait to cause the card to print in a vertical orientation. With its unmatchable DPI print resolution and quality, you can enjoy razor sharp graphics, text and barcodes time after time. Setting Up The Printer Driver To change or verify the appropriate Printer Driver options for the print job, please refer to the topics describing each of the Printer Driver’s tabs. Fargo card printer technical service and maintenance manua pages. Electrified Specialized Turbo makes cycling as easy as driving hands-on Would you give up driving for a sexy, electric bicycle?

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An 8-bit character set of decimal numbers, each assigned to Information numbers, letters, punctuation and special characters.

Printer model to begin installation. Page 55 Cartridge Requirements: Misc by Wayne Cunningham May 2, Misc by Wayne Cunningham Aug 26, Fargo card printer technical service and maintenance manua pages.

Printer Adjustments To prevent equipment or media damage, take jewelry off of fingers and hands, as well as thoroughly clean hands to remove oil and debris before working on the Printer. Page Carriage Rail guide, as shown below. Page 86 Card Cartridge.


FARGO Electronics CardJet 410 User Manual

Page of Go. See the Selecting the Image Catdjet tab on page The Lid Sensor is a reflective Sensor used to detect if the cover is open. Sign into your Account. Click on the Clean button to clear the Print Cartridges if the printed output is streaked as shown below. The Black Ink Cartridge provides enough ink for a minimum of cards.


The direction the Vertical and Horizontal adjustment arrows point within the Image Position window are representative of the direction the printed image moves. Use the Image Position tab to select Horizontal and Vertical positioning right and left arrows of the cards. Select No Parity to change the Character Parity to none. Note that CR 3. Look for the manufactured date on the sticker on the box, which is above the part number.

Power up the Printer and check the Carriage travel for smooth movement. Expect exceptional print quality with the Fargo CardJet printer. The Printer will require both the color, dye Ink Cartridge and the black pigment Ink Cartridge to function.


Prints an image when the Operator provides Magnetic Encoding as part of the requested card image data via the Driver software. Page 84 No tag is present. Printer Adjustments for more detailed procedures. Displays a No Paper Fed error. Once installed, the Card Printer icon for the specific Printer model will appear in the Printers folder. Both offer one step, error proof installations.

See Selecting the Test Printer button on page Page 58 LED and on-screen message. Plus, an ink level gauge in the printer driver shows you how many prints remain. Select Landscape to cause the card to print in a horizontal orientation, as shown on the below. Misc Sep 13, The Top Cover must be closed securely in order for the Printer to operate.

Page 82 Printer is out of cards.