Ronnie Driver’s nieces and nephews: However, by , Ronnie had met Gaynor Millington and began a relationship that was to produce Minnie in Children Together Kate Driver born , age 50 approx. It makes me wonder for my father, why he chose to keep everything so secret. He spoke very succinctly about his mum and dad, but I never met my grandparents or saw a photograph of them. Speaking to her on the phone, Minnie finally learned there is a photograph in existence of her grandfather Charles – which Jean sent to Minnie at her home in the Hollywood hills.

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But he healed by going back.

Minnie Driver’s war hero dad cheated on his wife with the Hollywood actress’s mother

Minnie Driver unearths father’s secret double life millinfton TV show Hollywood film star Minnie Driver has discovered her father led a secret double life with another wife and family. Minnie’s father Ronald led a double life with Minnie’s mother as his mistress.

Amelia Fiona Driver was born in London in to successful Swansea businessman and financial advisor, Ronnie Driver and his girlfriend, Gaynor Millington. Saturday 29 December He put out a fire with his bare hands to save his crew during a daring raid on a German air base in Step Mother Ada Driver May Search for A Person. He did return to active service and later during World Haynor 2, Ronnie married Anna Wilshaw in London in as can be seen from a copy of their marriage record.


Gayor Driver bornage 48 American Actress and Singer. Gaynor Churchward’s former partners: Leslie went on to later become an actor, like Minnie. Where I come from there are these big gaps and I would like to fill those gaps for him.

Gaynor Churchward’s grandson is Henry Driver. I didn’t know my parents weren’t married until I was 12 or 13 – my dad lived a very split life. But Hollywood actress Minnie Driver had a rather different aim — to find out more about her own fatherwho only died two years ago.

A wedding photograph shows him dressed in full uniform, but tellingly there is no Distinguished Flying Medal on his chest.

Minnie was thrilled to discover that not only did Ronnie have an older half brother, but that half-brother Leslie Stancliffe was an actor like her.

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She also unearthed the secret he was previously married to a woman named Ada Wood Stancliffe, and the couple had gaymor son, the actor Leslie Stancliffe.

Year All Years Substitute. See his family background here at FameChain. Asked point blank if she minded that Ronnie was married during their relationship Gaynor says: To the right, you can see Charles and Jessie pictured together in the s.


Toggle navigation Email Password Forgot? Kelley, a ship steward from Liverpool. Ronnie wanted his ashes to be scattered on the polo field next to his house in Barbados. Christmas Couple’s Christmas “ruined” after broken lift leaves them trapped on 10th floor of tower block – and with a cheese sandwich for lunch. Black Mirror Black Mirror Bandersnatch game was referenced back to season 3 – here’s the Easter eggs How Black Mirror’s new film Bandersnatch has been referenced before.

His plane crash landed into the freezing winter waters of the North Sea and Mr Driver launched a life raft.

Ronnie Driver & Gaynor Churchward Relationship, Children, Joint Family Tree & History – FameChain

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In September Ronnie married Annie Wilshaw.