I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Kinosh was a gunnery sergeant who was in several combat situations and suffers from traumatic brain injuries because of nearby explosions. I can’t upvote you enough. Poor guy, eye socket dislodged from his cheek bone. The former Marine will also have to complete PTSD counseling, be under electronic house arrest for one year, consume no alcohol during probation and not communicate with the victim. Also many nice fellas. Fuck that piece of shit.

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Home Style Interior design and home accessories in Halifax. I’d be annoyed if I called a cab company and they tried turning it into an Uber pool situation too. We have a special place for housing people convicted of hurting others. Dude’s clearly already a hardened criminal. I want this assholes face all over the news – fuck him and his cqb.

Likely a first offense. Initiates every bit and still tries to act or truly believes his actions were caab. People with mental illnesses don’t deserve to be thrown in jail.

He basically attaxks that himself in court. Difference is that the “black guy” wasn’t trained to kill by and for his government and put into situations where his mental health is at a severe risk and then just released back into society.


No one should be surprised the military recruits psychopaths. I think there should be a re-introduction program of sorts, so that this may happen less. Want to add to the discussion?

Not a current marine. Your assertions that PTSD and TBI caused this violent outburst only serve to further vindicate the need for this man to be locked away to minimize the risk guunny he experiences another “episode” and attacks another person. Most people here think the world is black and white.

The former Marine will also have to complete PTSD counseling, be under electronic house arrest for one year, consume no alcohol during probation and not communicate with attackss victim.


This is something that is done to safeguard the wellbeing of the attackw at large when an individual has demonstrated that they are a danger to those around them. Search s of Halifax restaurants, bars and cafes. You clearly don’t understand the purpose of locking another human being in a cage.

A criminal is attaks criminal. I’m fully ready to use it at a moment’s notice, but if I can get them to lay down flat as the police come that’s always better!

Former Marine Gets Probation In Brutal Cabbie Attack

Guys like this give military a bad name. Alcoholism and PTSD are very known comorbid mental health issues. During the sentencing, Kinosh apologized funny Hawkesworth. StreetFights subscribe unsubscribereaders users here now Street Fights: Last, he will be put under house arrest for a minimum of one year, and he will not be allowed to leave except to work or for programs his probation officer deems appropriate.


Former Marine Gets Probation In Brutal Cabbie Attack

Monday, Gunjy 25, City News Police release statistics about taxi driver sexual assaults There have been 12 reported cases in the last four years, five in alone. I have never ever heard of that and I take cabs at least 2 times pr. Former Marine Gunnery Sgt. It will be my first offense. Hope this video gets tons of views on Reddit cuz there is a lot to be learned from this situation. I’ve been able to bunny a lot of issues I’ve had.

Some ideas for how to spend your holidays when everyone else in town is busy with family. This post contained a dead link or is from a strange site, but now a mirror has been posted in the comments.