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You can find there is a built in function to create a XPath by click some links on the pages. This extension will import online configuration from this sources,these configurations includes support for some widely used sites and some general support for forums.

You can also share your site rules by click public button in the setting dialog. What’s new in this version: Version 0. 8 has fixed some bugs. ChemToolBox provides several excellent learning and calculating tools that can help you gain a stronger understanding of chemistry and the chemical elements.

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Chm) or to Portable-File-Format (PDF).

All documents and attached files are stored encrypted and compressed in a single file (. mbk), which makes easy to share information and to use at work and at home as well as during travels.

The usage of one of the high secure encryption algorithms (e. Rijndael256) allow you to save top secret or private information.

The text editor owns the almost same features like MS Word and supports paragraphs, tables, lists, images, background, URL, 6, header and footer, pag null null all Throw away bothersome virtual webcam, split and add effects to webcam directly.

Select a “virtual webcam” to split and add effects IS NEVER NEEDED ANYMORE!!.

Hardware will NEVER be occupied annymore!!. Still add effect to yourself ONLY?.

Why not add your friends to your webcam effcts. So here is GorMedia Double-now Webcam Effects, with support of “GorMedia MoreCam HW Direct Driver”, it share your hardware directly to lets multiple applications access the video stream without conflict, that mean it will not bother you to set a virtual webcam as the primary input for various video program, completely plug and play.


NO “virtual” Webcam 66 add to your system as ManyCam and youCam if you already have a webcam device, you can also stream a video or image to your real webcam directly too.

NOT ONLY effect to yourself only like Fun frame, Fun motion, Face track, Pan Zoom, Fun scene,BUT ALSO you can add your skype friends to effects too,that will be more funny to sigle effects to yourself.

We know virtual webcams will confilct each other, because they all need to occupy the real webcam, with GorMedia webcam, you can even use various virtual webcam(like Manycam, youCam) simultaneously without conflict.

(However, if you hanve no webcam device, you can add a virtual webcam manully from the main menu of software, it stream form a video file or image file to simulate a real webcam.

) Feature detail: 1. Unique technology to split steam on hardware directly without a virtual Webcam; 2.

Unique technology to add Skype friends video to your webcam stream; 3. Take group photo with remote Skype friend; 4. Fun effects: Filters,Fun frame,Fun motion, Face track, Skype double effects; 5.

Support XP32,Win7x32, XP64,Win7x64; 6. Support all IM such as MSN, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, etc; 7.

Support Still Pin even if your hardware not support still pin; 8.

Driver WHQL certificated for WinXP and Win7; 9.

Stream form a video or image file iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor is software which can be used to edit movie subtitles and make the subtitles into the film. Also, creating a subtitle file (str format) that was written into the film is supported.

Combining the subtitle and film file together is also supported for iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor.


You can use iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor to do all kinds of settings for subtitles, such as color, typeface and location. Also you can make the subtitles much more distinct by adjust the bit rate and resolution ratio.

Master iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor 666 very easy, even then there is no need for any study for the software, and you can be a expert for the movie subtitles.

iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor is very easy, even then there is no need for any study for the software, and you can be a expert for the movie subtitles iToolSoft Movie Subtitle Editor is very easy, even then there is no need for any study for the software, and you can be a expert for the movie subtitles MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a video downloader that 666 you choose the format that’s perfect for 666 viewing needs.

There are a lot of YouTube downloaders out there and they all do pretty much ther same thing.

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is no different. Add the URL of the video you want – or set the app to monitor your clipboard – and press the go button. Choose the format you want to convert the video to in the bar at the top of the app and wait until the video has downloaded.