These rules are meant to ensure that extraordinary precautions and measures are used to prevent satellite interference or exposure to harmful radiation. System will NOT re-acquire satellite if system was stowed due to movement detection. Indicates a situation or practice that might result in property or equipment damage. You can switch to the iNetVu software at any time by right clicking and selecting Controls. PL Zero point calibration calculates and sets the Zero value for all platforms. Page 20 of 3. Deploy Antenna Automatically moves antenna to the manually entered Elevation, Azimuth and Polarization angles.

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By default the boxes are left unchecked.

VSAT Antenna Controller / | Auto Deploy Antennas :: C-COM Satellite Systems

For compatibility purposes, Controllers are pre-configured with the appropriate firmware for the accompanied software version. Should the Signal Strength be lower than 29 when locked on satellite, click Find Satellite again to re-acquire the signal. Boot Loader Bootloader version loaded in the Series Controller?

What I have tried so far is: Target ID Com Tech Only Allows modem ID to be set on the same channel as the controller thus enabling modem to communicate with controller and visa-versa. No PC or monitor required! Slow blinking 1 sec. Page 64 of 7. The ID is the last four digits of the controller serial number.


CP-EL Compass Elevation Reading Angle Number of degrees that the Antenna requires to be elevated to ensure that the compass is level and is able to acquire an accurate compass reading. To upload the changed table to the controller: There are 4 options available: V V0 H LA: Page 89 of Search Parameters Fig.

VSAT Antenna Controller 7000/7024

Mobile Platform will automatically stow the antenna should it experience extreme motion, such as severe shaking caused by harsh weather conditions. In order to override the compass, the user must know where true north is located to enter the direction. Return Loss 6 Mobile Software places Polarization Angle 0. Page 26 of LCD Method 1.

Polarization will rotate in both directions to inetvh the 3dB drop in Signal Strength, and then recenter itself using the best possible Polarization Angle. Mobile Platform should be physically centered on the Polarization axis.

For your safety and protection the following important safety information should be reviewed before installation, configuration and use of the iNetVu Satellite Platform System and Modem equipment.

Find Satellite 4 Performs automatic satellite acquisition for configured satellite 4. LCD Opening Screen 7. C-COM reserves the rights to immediately suspend without liability or previous notice the operation of the earth station upon detection of a deviation from its installation or operational requirements inetvy the deviation is corrected.


Ex Member Ex Member. Sat 0 is default satellite and will be the one searched on if lnetvu other is selected from the drop down list.

INetVu Controller Manual

Please be advised that disabling any of these limits should be done under the direct supervision of a C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. Page 10 of 1.

The controller will be unavailable during this time. This value would be added to the calculated compass heading to compensate for any consistent inaccuracy of the compass reading. Warning signs shall be posted at prominent locations on the earth ineyvu informing all persons of the danger of harmful radiation from the earth station while it is deployed or while in operation. Page 32 of PL Displays real-time current drawn and speed settings for the polarization motor, as inehvu as real-time polarization angle and limits, offset, zero and pot factor.

No Modem Communication The controller is trying to establish communication with the modem and or No power is applied to the modem.