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December 8, at 1: A certain type of packet will query a computer on the network to respond. Upgrade growl from 1. Admin April 19, at 3: I want to harness the power of my card and inject!

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The definitive KisMAC article. | iamthekiller

Patrick Baiocco September 29, at 5: Kristian Mota June 11, at 2: As i dont know what “userinfo” is for, i put the stars there. You will iismac time and efforts.

Admin May 29, at 2: But I have some questions and hope that u could help me answer them: Admin August 23, at 1: Once my password is cracked, can I connect to the internet via kismac?

So there doesn’t seem to be away to connect to networks requiring I have tried many previous builds of kismac Thanks in advance for all the time you dedicated kismzc this blog and your help!

The manual on the CD advise you to get the L driver and not the B driver if downloading from a different website as Alfa’s. Do you own a large business or have more than laptops?


KISMAC File Extension – What is .kismac and how to open? – ReviverSoft

Yes sorry, am a bit confused here You can see which specific cards contain those chipsets lismac. I will be grateful if you can test the awush in a congested city with many buildings and share your results!

Help would be appreciated. I intend to get a signal outside the hospital. You will also have a part of the signal reflected.

The driver page on alfa. If you do, let us kismmac, we’ll put the link. Anonymous April 3, at 7: Active mode Sends probes Allows for standard stumbling Pretty much garbage Passive mode Monitor mode Ability to see everything within range Allows for rt733 attacks De-authentication attacks You can pretty much see that you want Passive mode support if you really want to stir up some packets.

I am off campus and I can get the Uni. Admin ;thank you for the fast respond! Plishs that seems to involve with kismac -If I delete all of the Plish, is there any effect to other programs THanks for your reply.

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I must say, if it’s the case, no flaming yet, but I can smell a strong odor of Kerosene. Admin November 21, at 6: I have cracked my WPA password with as little as 6 packets de-authenticating immediately as I start scanning.


What am I doing wrong? Answering 5 times the same questions is time consuming.

If you have read some of the comments left, klsmac have realized that buying the right “USB Thingy” will make your life a breeze Vs.

David June 11, at 6: Purchasing a card that can inject is worth your time as opposed to using your built in Airport Extreme.

If you have the correct amount of packets then one of these attacks should work. It seems that SK has longer range n power? Alfa has posted a comment on ther driver site: Here you can see what it looks like to use injection.