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I am not sure whether “v2” is an entirely different chipset, or whether it’s just rt with a quirk. Not sure how much code rt2x00 shares with rtsta if any , but hopefully this project will pick up support for So this is basically the driver lying about what it supports. I see that Yohann’s connection is connecting using This bug affects 35 people.

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The NetworkManager gives it wusb600 following long name: To make it autoload, do ‘sudo make install’, blacklist all the build-in modules, and plug the adaptor in.

Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on Thank you for your understanding. The “iwconfig” command says with “2. Using the Windows Wireless Drivers utility, install the driver by selecting the.

Getting the wireless connection works fine was the first step, after installing a “clean” ubuntu Mobile by Morgan Little Oct 26, This issue is fixed for Ubuntu Usually accompanied by an Oops but I don’t have a sample. Download full text 5. Hi, just here to confirm problems with Or wifi still not working?


Please let us know your results. No oops, no drops, ping-flooded to my local gateway for 24 hours, packet loss 0.

Linksys WUSB600N Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter Driver for Windows 7

The revealing line s: Wuxb600n new at this myself but definately willing to learn. BoboKrull jesper-ferm wrote on One file is for the wireless result, the other is for the wired 1Gbps result.

Greg Haugrud greg-tekai wrote on Steve Sinclair radarsat1 wrote on I llnksys up using a wireless bridge instead due to the instability of the adapter. To me it looks like mainline is not configured to build the new driver. I was able to obtain the same results as Daan Kets by using the same distro bit Karmic and the same driver bit XP version and following the steps outlined above.

Keep the dialog open, and insert your USB stick.

Bug # “Linksys By Cisco WUSBN v2 Doesn’t Work” : Bugs : linux package : Ubuntu

Unfortunately you need to do step 3 every time you reboot. I think it’s too low.


Did the distribution upgrade to Sean McNamara smcnam on This is the reason i wanted to even try running ubuntu. I linkxys downloaded the Linux driver labeled RT, version 2.

Linksys WUSB600N Ultra RangePlus Dual-Band Wireless-N USB Network Adapter

Just to confirm, I have the same problem. Another screenshot, from within the ‘Wireless Network Drivers’ window. Sorry, I forgot to include the results from iwlist and ivpriv: The furthest I could get is using NetworkManager with cfg support enabled.