With this in mind, those of you who are thinking about building an entertainment computer, media PC, or home theatre PC had better plan your purchases wisely as HDCP compatible videocards are hard to come by. And chose to fail now. Then after a couple of days the artifacts came back even with external cooling. Built on TSMC’s 90 nanometer manufacturing process, the nVidia Geforce GT GPU does not generate too heat which means it can get away with a single slot heatsink that produces a moderate level of noise. That is when i knew i had a hardware problem.

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The bundle isn’t as extravagant as some of MSI’s older high-end cards, but there is a fairly decent selection getorce cables nitpick: Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

GeForce GT, GT & GTX – Page 1

They told me they cant cover it with the warrenty and it should be sent back to the USA which sounds absolutely ridiculous. Ya thanks, i sure wont tell them. HDCP or High bandwidth Digital Content Protection is a hardware digital rights management tool developed by Intel to 700gt high definition video and audio content during transmission from the player to the screen, in whatever form those two devices may take. You can read that standalone review right here.

MSI NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GT (NX7900GT-VT2D256E) 256MB GDDR3 SDRAM PCI Express x16 Graphics adapter

My only hope is for Taiwan to accept my RMA request some how. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.


However, given the competitive pricing of the GeForce GT, we may have to revise these expectations. Now the original Bios splash screen is so full of artifact pixels its insane and very hard to even read mssi.

Drivers | GeForce

As of Monday I had to review no less than eight new videocards. T to distinguish it from the rest. I think Ivory is official msi distributor for Israel http: I tried to cool it down with an external side fan on the case, geforcs pixels along with artifacts went away completely.

The first thing i did is remove all over clocks back to defaults of coarse with no improvement.

I have built a PC back in july I looked for the requirement from nvidia and it said Wat. I actually asked the retailer and he gave me a direct E-mail to a guy in Taiwan who is responsible for RMA, am crossing my fingers. Now quite honestly things are a bit crazy this week. Gefofce everyone and welcome to another GeForce series 7 article. The reference design opts for a small cooler bolstered gefoece a copper heatsink with aluminum fins, making it a one-slot solution that should delight those intending to get two for a SLI setup.

GeForce 7900 GT

An added bonus is the fact that the end-user is covered for any damages by MSI for using D. Since time is short and we have such a massive amount to test this article will be a tad different than our usual articles, for that my apologies. Essentially what this means for consumers is that we’ll all need to have HDCP compatible components player, TV, videocard, etc.


In fact our last product review from that company was during the GeForce GT release. The movie industry has already conceded piracy of DVD movies but it’s doing its best to 7900ggt sure it doesn’t happen with High Definition videos. Singapore Malaysia Philippines Indonesia. It is probably the nth time that we have seen this game in graphics card bundles this year. I wish you luck. Although it is likely to be a reference card replica right down to its clock speeds, MSI has its own input in terms of gsforce bundle, pricing and of course its Dynamic Overclocking Technology D.

I didn’t expect anything from them and quite frankly did not have contact with them for a little while.

Finally, the PC game King Kong makes its way into the bundle again. Although I’m sure it wasn’t the reason.

I am gonna try that ASAP. It is no longer necessary to get two identical videocards, you can mix and match different brands as long as the nVidia GPU cores are identical and memory capacity for that matter too. And never tell them or taiwan about your slight overclocking!