This could well be a power issue. We try every possibility. I also tried unplugging everything in the system except what I need. If you find any clues as to how this can be solved while having it set at the full , let me know. Also, it does not matter whether I put the RAM in single or dual channel.

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We tried booting it without anything hooked up.

Lowering the timings would be good too, for a start. To fix it go into the bios and change the FSB to then check the manual to find the fsb jumper on the motherboard move the jumper accross. Nov 17, 4. Tier 3 module builders exists and you can guess about their standards.

MSI K7N2 (MS) Free Driver Download for Windows XP () –

Hopefully this helps some of you, I know what it feels like to spend and spend and spend with no hope in sight, but thank GOD!! Updated the bios to version 3.

The motherboard has some slight cooling modifiations to it: Yes, my password is: No, create an account now.


Originally posted by rdgrimes [B]so is your DDR running in synch or asynch? The machine’s getting up there and a bit more juice can sometimes make the grade. I just want the system to run stable at this point. The default voltage is 1.

They recommended the Enermax watt with dual fans, so I purchased it and went home and installed it. I noticed that the Enermax watt had an extra power wire with P4 labeled on it and the K7N2 Delta board has the socket to plug it into so I did that also and still it did not correct jsi problem. Keep playing with the timings and try to get in in synch at Then sudenly crashed and will not beep or post or nething since no matter what components I pu in there.

Nov 28, 7.

Yes, my password is: Advanced Chipset Features to I have purchased a different board and now only have the orignal legend stick in it and it works fine.

Could this possibly be something with incompatibility with my hardware?

I’ll take your advice and change the CPU voltage to 1. So I go to the local computer shop adn buy the exact motherboard. Then I reseated the video card along with taking the CPU out and reseating that.


MSI K7N2 (MS-6570) Free Driver Download

So K7b2 threw my hands up and went to bed I started it back up but just a blank screen. I purchased this new board and new AMD processor for myself as a Xmas present, and had no foresight into the excruciating nightmare that was to come This CPU has a marked voltage swing as well.

A super-charged gokart, tell me thats your 13 year olds after school project? Find all posts by Quarterr. Originally posted by rdgrimes Actually, if you read the AMD forums, there are an abundance of reports of just this problem. Seems on autodetect that the DDR ram is Tier 2 customers are those whose testing criterias are not as stringent as Tier 1.

Sep 5, 2.